Choosing the Best Board Room Provider: Key Considerations and Options

The issues of planning and fixing the results of meetings are relevant for modern boards of directors. The developers of board portal solutions have been in the meeting automation industry for many years and have a deep understanding of the market’s needs. In this section, we will outline the most critical components of the board management system and present a guide on choosing a trusted software provider.

Boardroom software or how to increase the productivity of digital board meetings?

According to Harvard Business Review, top management spends up to 65% of their work time in meetings and meetings with managers of other departments, collecting information on progress and results achieved. When we talk about remote board meetings, dissatisfaction rates only increase. Despite all the technological advances in digital communications, the problems of effective communication at a distance have not gone anywhere. Difficulties with connection, interrupted communication, distractions, and errors in the distribution of time, priorities, or resources only complicate the process. For this purpose, board portal software was invented.

The board meeting automation system like iDeals will ensure the work efficiency of collegiate bodies of large distributed organizations and help make quick and informed decisions by holding a meeting in a remote format. Thanks to the integration with other information systems, the board software allows executives to organize an end-to-end work process of collegiate bodies and monitor the implementation of decisions of meetings.

By the way, the boardroom solution is indispensable in the work of a corporate secretary, as it allows you to automate the entire process of preparing and holding face-to-face meetings and meetings in remote access, including:

  • form the composition of the participants and the objectives of the meetings;
  • receive comments and feedback from members of collegiate bodies;
  • display information about upcoming meetings;
  • fill the agenda items with materials;
  • organize a legally significant decision-making process in a remote format;
  • supervise the preparation and publication of the minutes of the meeting.

Thanks to platform, the working time of the corporate secretary will be used more efficiently by reducing the time for preparing and distributing materials and organizing the meeting process.

How to choose your reliable platform?

There are the following points that should be considered while selecting the right board management software:

  • Quick connection and easy setup

Firstly, video conferencing should be as simple, convenient, and understandable for anyone as possible. An employee of the company must connect to the program for the first time and configure it for himself. An equally important condition for comfortable online work is the distribution of roles. The moderator invites participants, sets up the service, and uploads presentations. The facilitator conducts board meetings and communicates with the participants. You can make any participant in a video conference a speaker or moderator by simply assigning the appropriate role to him.

  • Collaboration

Some companies and educational institutions are skeptical about video conferencing services, as they cannot 100% ensure the joint activity of participants and the collective discussion of issues. What features should the board portal platform support for group work to be as practical as possible? They include easy file sharing, secure data repository, real-time collaboration, and generating agendas and minutes.

  • Polls

It is another option for communicating with online event attendees and establishing strong feedback with the audience. Polls help to come to a consensus to choose the best solution to the problem. Surveys can be anonymous or identified. In any case, the voting results must be available to all participants.